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fillingsToday’s modern dental care continues to search for a way to reverse the process of tooth decay.

At Victoria Park Dental we provide every choice available to remove and repair tooth decay through a variety of filling options.

Dental filling are used to repair cracked or broken teeth and there are of course advantages and disadvantages to each type of dental filling. Our experienced team at Victoria Park Dental will complete an extensive exam of your mouth and provide their recommendation for the option best suited for you.

Composite resin: The most esthetically pleasing option, a composite resin filling uses a plastic mixture filled with glass that creates an esthetically pleasing and natural tooth finish. The composite resin is placed in layers and uses a curing light to set the filling.

Inlays: Inlay fillings are made of either gold or porcelain and are usually completed in two visits. On the first visit the decayed area of the tooth is removed and an impression of the tooth is taken. During the second visit the gold or porcelain filling is cemented into place.